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Gerald Mynott
Cherry blossom tree, Kew Gardens, London Early evening, towards the Lagoon, Venice Evening mist across the Grand Canal, Venice
watercolour, 2016, 40 x 44cm (framed) watercolour, 2016, 40 x 44cm (framed) watercolour, 2016, 40 x 44cm (framed)
Evening Sun, San Georgio Maggiore, Venice Iris and Rose, Sissinghurst, Kent Lambeth Bridge, London, April
watercolour, 2016, 40 x 44cm (framed) watercolour, 2016, 41 x 50cm (framed) watercolour, 2016, 40 x 44cm (framed)
The Burgtheater Walk, Vienna, February The Dogana, morning light, October, Venice The evening traghetto, Venice, October
watercolour, 2016, 40 x 44cm (framed) watercolour, 2016, 40 x 44cm (framed) watercolour, 2016, 40 x 44cm (framed)
The garden, Charleston, Sussex, summer The Kaiserin Elizabeth Garden, Vienna The River Liffey, Dublin
watercolour, 2016, 40 x 44cm (framed) watercolour, 2016, 47 x 47cm (framed) watercolour, 2016, 40 x 44cm (framed)
Villa Palagonia, Bagheria, Sicily Towards Dublin Harbour Pigalle, Paris, winter
watercolour, 2016, 40 x 44cm (framed) watercolour, 2016, 40 x 44cm (framed) oil, 2012, 9.5 x 11.75in 24 x 30cm
Ringstrasse, winter Cafe Florian, Venice Cafe Central, Vienna
oil, 51 x 51in 130 x 130cm oil, 2013, 11.75 x 9.5in 30 x 24cm oil, 2013, 11.75 x 8.25in 30 x 21cm
Price range: £2,250 - £14,500


Gerald Mynott

Gerald Mynott was born in Hampstead, London in 1957 and educated at Reigate College of Art and Design, where he studied heraldry, calligraphy and illumination, graduating with the highest marks ever recorded at the College.  After working for three years as a Herald Painter at the College of Arms, he studied at the Künstlerhaus in Vienna in 1979, returning for his first one-person exhibition with Francis Kyle Gallery, A View of Vienna, in 1980.

For some years Gerald Mynott worked in mixed media, but since 1990 he has been painting mostly in oil on canvas, recording his long-established interest in the architecture, formal parks and gardens of the great cities of Europe, from antiquity to the Secession Movement as well as occasional still lifes, interiors and flower pieces. In 1989 he received the Lloyds Print-Making Award. In 1997 he made working visits to Thailand and Indonesia and in 2002 spent time in Japan.  Since 1980 he has held ten one-man exhibitions: Fragments of a Grand Tour (1981), Doves and Dominoes: Houses, gardens and festivities from Faringdon to the Venice Carnival (1983), Cupolas and Capriccios: a pursuit of the Rococo from Brighton Pavilion to the Dresden Zwinger (1985), In New York (1987), In Morocco (1992), Cities of Europe (1995), From Vienna to Bali (1999), Kyoto to Cracow (2003) and Cities & Seasons (2012). Since 1986 Mynott has participated in a number of theme exhibitions at the Francis Kyle Gallery, including Родина: contemporary painters from the West winter in Russia (2008), That gong-tormented sea: contemporary painters explore the idea and reality of Byzantium (2010), This twittering world: contemporary painters celebrate TS Eliot’s Four Quartets (2011) and Jumping for Joyce (2013).

He has twice exhibited in New York (1984 and 1991) and in Hong Kong in 1992. His work has been selected twice for inclusion as featured artist in The Discerning Eye exhibition by Sir Roy Strong and Julius Bryant, Keeper at the Victoria & Albert Museum.







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