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Lair of the Leopard: Twenty artists go in search of Lampedusa's Sicily

Lair of the Leopard offers over seventy works by artists inspired by Lampedusa's great novel The Leopard. In these pages you will find luminous evoccations of Lampedusa's magical prose by a selection of Britain's leading figurative artists.

Published in 2006 by Third Millenium Publishing in association with Francis Kyle Gallery

Hardback; 112 pages; 74 colour illustrations


Drawing on Life: the autobiography of Paul Hogarth

With an introduction by Richard Ingrams

Published in 1997 by David & Charles; 192 pages

Painter, traveller, illustrative reporter, Royal Academician, OBE and friedn of leading twentieth-century writers: this is an engrossing insight into the life of an extraordinary man.



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